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Visual Arts Permanent Collection

Terry Allen, Bloodscrawl (1983)

While the development of a permanent collection is not the primary focus of the Churchill Arts Council’s visual arts programming, it is an important adjunct to our efforts to present, preserve and document visual arts relevant to our region. As such, we collect and display works that compliment, enhance, contextualize, and expand the content of CAC’s ongoing exhibition program. The Permanent Collection and exhibition program strive to feature the works of regionally and nationally recognized contemporary artists; showcase the efforts of local collectors, individuals and institutions who have made a significant commitment to the collection of such works; and present works of art and exhibitions that provide context for and examine relevant issues in both historic and contemporary visual arts germane to the region.

Download the Visual Arts Permanent Collection Catalog

Support for the documentation of the Visual Arts Permanent Collection has been provided by the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

Bob Adams
Harrah’s Pit (c. 1977-81)
Greg Allen
Morris Hotel, 4th Street, Reno, Nevada (1998)
Terry Allen
Bloodscrawl (1983)
David Arnold
Party Streamers / House Ruin Rhyolite Nevada (1987)
Joan Arrizabalaga
Big Time Tom (2006)
Joan Arrizabalaga
Jackalope (2007)
Joan Arrizabalaga
Showgirl Slot Machine (2015)
Joan Arrizabalaga
The Only Game in Town (2000)
Ron Arthaud
Slow Morning (Tuscarora, NV) (2005)
Mary Ann Bonjorni
Diamonds (1998)
Mary Ann Bonjorni
Hearts (1998)
Mary Ann Bonjorni
Things That Go Together (Truth Serum) (1999)
Mary Ann Bonjorni
Things That Go Together (Wheels) (1999)
Mary Ann Bonjorni
Things That Go Together (Wishbone) (1999)
Mary Ann Bonjorni
Range War (1987)
Robert Brady
Untitled #399 (2009)
Robert Brady
Untitled (2009)
Theophilus Brown
Nude With Green Shoes (Tahoe Muse) (1997)
Lee Brumbaugh
Cemetery, Tonopah (2009)
Dean Burton
Untitled (2005)
Mary Chadwell
Nevada Square Dancers (2005)
Steven Chandler
Back of Station, Gerlach Nevada, February, 2005
Steven Chandler
Black Rock Circles (2005)
Steven Chandler
Fallon Pogonip (2015)
Steven Chandler
South Playa Flood Plain (2002)
Daniel Cheek
Ft. Churchill Nevada (2003)
Daniel Cheek
Half Dome from Glacier Point Hill Road, Yosemite, CA (2006)
Timothy J. Cook
Brian Crane
We’ve Fallen for Fallon (2002)
Evan Dent
You’re Not From Around Here (2011)
Jane Waggoner Deschner
Clown Baby (2014)
Michael Diven
Night Terrain
Nina Elder
Highway 50 (2013)
Martha Elizabeth
Going Through the Motions (1994)
Henry Evans
Cosmos (1979)
Jack Fulton
Churchill County Courthouse (early 1990s)
Jack Fulton
Horseshoe Nevada
Jack Fulton
To Sports
Bill Germino
Dago Road, Silver City Nevada (1991)
Heidie Gianotti
Up Against a Stone I (1984)
Tom Gilbertson
Absolut Nevada (2003)
Tom Gilbertson
Nightlife (Pegasus Redux) (1989)
Tom Gilbertson
Summer Irises (1999)
Peter Goin
Dust Storm Black Rock Desert, (Triptych) (1988-89)
Keith Goodhart
Decoy with Bicycle Tubing (2015)
Michael Greenspan
Thin Ice (1997)
Todd Hido
Untitled #4118 (Elko, NV) (2005)
Frank Hill
Blue Quadrangle (1985)
Stephanie Hogen
Stephanie Hogen
Z Studio III, Reno (2006)
Jack Hooper
Donner Lake Series #1 (1986)
William Howard
Untitled, #773
William Howard
Untitled (1980)
Jerry Iverson
Causation 12 (2014)
Adam Jahiel
Building a Loop, TS Ranch, Nevada (1995)
Adam Jahiel
Horse Shadows (2001)
Adam Jahiel
Untitled (Cowboy) (2001)
Elaine Jason
Autumn Equinox (1986)
Elaine Jason
Love (Leaves) #1 (2003)
Elaine Jason
Love (Leaves) #2 (2003)
Christine Pinney Karkow
Balcony (2006)
Christine Pinney Karkow
Lucky Motel, Reno (2005)
Christine Pinney Karkow
Palm Tree with Circles (2005)
Christine Pinney Karkow
Untitled (2006)
Pat Kikut
Pronghorn Antelope (2006)
W. H. D. Koerner
Many and Many a Day She Must Have Sat There, Just Thinking (1914)
Eunkang Koh
Chickens (2015)
Kenneth G. Kruger
Hunting Season, November 2, 1978 (Copper Canyon on the High Road to Jarbidge, Elko Co. Nevada)
Michelle Lassaline
Stones Franciscan Assemblage (2016)
Erik Lauritzen
The Gem (Pioche Nevada) (1986)
Erik Lauritzen
Gary W. Link
Sharon Maczko
(Conforming) That One Summer (Minnehaha Ridge, Nevada) (2002)
Michael Martin
Route 6 (Ely Highway) (1963)
Edw Martinez
Mickey Me [Self-Portrait] (1998)
Edw Martinez
Santa Lucia (2015)
John Mason
Sculpture [Desert Cross] (1963)
Michael McCollum
Untitled (1979)
Gordon McConnell
Persistence of Vision – Cowboys (2007)
James McCormick
Annexation I (1993)
James McCormick
Fallon Right on Track (1995)
James McCormick
Walter McNamara
Attack of Pup Dogs on Arrowhead, Nevada (1998)
Walter McNamara
Big Bone on a Roll (2009)
Walter McNamara
Earth (Dirt Bomb) (1991)
Walter McNamara
Non Funk Shanl Teapot (1980)
Walter McNamara
Pitship Nevada (1985)
Walter McNamara
Red Dog Saloon (Expanded), Virginia City Series (1997)
Michael Moore
Subtle Diptych (2008)
Michael Moore
Winter Morning Looking West (2008)
Robert Morrison
Untitled (Nurse Drawing) (1998)
David Naylor
Fighting Myself (1999)
Jeff Nicholson
Abandoned Drive In, Mason Valley Nevada (After the Last Picture Show (1983)
Olivia O’Connor
Nevada Mirage, Permutation #43 (2001)
Michelle Osman
Warpath (2019)
Ben Parks
Scour! (1986)
Dennis Parks
Untitled (Hands) (1985)
Elaine Parks
Moon Canyon (2008)
Elaine Parks
Mormon Crickets (2010)
Robert Petersen
Vegas (2005)
James Pink
Nolan Preece
Wall — Piper’s Opera House (1997)
Harry Reese
after an hour the room is changed (2008)
Harry Reese
not so much by light, as by the entrance and dismissal of thought (2008)
Fred Reid
Self Portrait (1991)
Lisa Reinertson
C is for Capitalism (1997)
Deon Reynolds
Manhattan Church (2006)
John Richardson
Untitled Catherine D (1984)
Victoria Z. Rivers
Blue Hole
Kirk Robertson
Mind the Gap (A Rauschommage) (2006)
Robert Royhl
Sonora (2013)
Lee Saloutos
Shower Pioche, Nevada #2 (2007)
Michael Sarich
Beachball, #3 (2003)
Michael Sarich
Blue Mickey (2002)
Michael Sarich
Consume (2010)
Michael Sarich
Show (2003)
Michael Sarich
Skull (2012)
Michael Sarich
Skulls [Twenty-five pieces] (2004-06)
Catherine Schmid-Maybach
The Place (2015)
Karl Schwiesow
Invisible Things (2017)
Phyllis Shafer
The Fruitful Vee (Sierra Nevada) (2004)
Mick Sheldon
On a Small Outpost in Potato Head Heaven, the Rebel Angel Begins to Cause Trouble (1993)
Mick Sheldon & D. R. Wagner
The Annunciation (1998-99)
Tawni Shuler
Palpitate (2015)
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
Matthew Sugarman
Sky King (1992)
Rossitza Todorova
Untitled (2011)
Unknown Artist
Interior #8 (Garage Interior with Boarding House) (1990)
Willem Volkersz
On Top of the World 2 (2003)
Theodore Waddell
Angus 081 (1984)
Theodore Waddell
Bailey I (2012)
Theodore Waddell
Lunar Sheep (1995)
Theodore Waddell
Yellowstone River (2004)
D. R. Wagner
And the Stars… (1997)
Mary Warner
Proteus (2006)
Al Weber
Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point (1960)
Larry Williamson
Lizard Teapot
Lynda Yuroff
Untitled (Peacock) (2005)
Jim Zlokovich
Untitled (Sky) (2000)
Joe Zuccharini
Untitled (2000)

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