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Visual Arts Permanent Collection

The development of a permanent collection is one of the primary foci of the Churchill Arts Council’s visual arts programming; it is an important adjunct to our efforts to present, preserve and document visual arts relevant to our region. As such, we collect and display works that compliment, enhance, contextualize, and expand the content of CAC’s ongoing exhibition program. The Visual Arts Permanent Collection and exhibition program strive to feature the works of regionally and nationally recognized contemporary artists; showcase the efforts of local collectors, individuals and institutions who have made a significant commitment to the collection by gifting such works; and present works of art and exhibitions that provide context for and examine relevant issues in both historic and contemporary visual arts germane to the region.

Joshua Abbey
Fate of Nevada Seal (2002)
Maria Arano
Joshua Tree (2005)
Maria Arano
Joshua Tree [print] (2005)
Joan Arrizabalaga
The Only Game in Town (2000)
Brian Crane
We’ve Fallen for Fallon (2002)
Henry Evans
Cosmos (1979)
Ingrid Evans
Untitled (1991)
Jack Fulton
Churchill County Courthouse (ca. early 1990s)
Tom Gilbertson
Nightlife (Pegasus Redux) (1989)
John Ihle
Ken Little
Poke (1982)
Michael McCollum
Untitled (1979)
James McCormick
Fallon Right on Track (1995)
Walter McNamara
Hidden Throne Circle (1977)
Walter McNamara
Jawbone Nevada (1982)
Walter McNamara
Non Funk Shanl Teapot (ca. 1980)
Robert Petersen
Vegas (2005)
Michael Sarich
Skulls [Twenty-five pieces] (2004-06)
Jay Schmidt
Jean Shadrach
Untitled (1985)
Phyllis Shafer
Buckeye (1991)
Sophie Sheppard
Night Dune
Tawni Shuler
Palpitate (2015)
Theodore Waddell
Willa and the Geese (1990)
Mary Warner
Proteus (2006)
Patrick Zentz
Crank [Instrument for Flow] (1987/2006)
Joe Zuccharini
Untitled (2000)

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Thank You Sponsors & Partners

Churchill Arts Council programs and activities are sponsored, in part, by: an American Rescue Plan Act grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support general operating expenses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; the City of Fallon; the Nevada Arts Council; the Fallon Convention & Tourism Authority; TourWest / WESTAF; Nevada Humanities; the Depot Casino / Widmer & Mills, CPAs; Mackedon deBraga Law, P. C.; the Bretzlaff Foundation; the E. L. Cord Foundation; the Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation; Churchill County; the Nevada Commission on Tourism; Speedway Market; Lahontan Valley News; the Fallon Post; CC Communications; and Holiday Inn Express. The Churchill Arts Council proudly pours Great Basin Brewing Company’s beer at all its events.

The free performances by Blair Crimmins & the Hookers, William Elliot Whitmore, and Laney Lou & the Bird Dogs are presented in cooperation with the Mayor, City Council, and City of Fallon.

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